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    Rapid Energy Pro

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    4.36 out of 5 based on 14 customer ratings
    14 Review(s)Write a review
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    StarX Rapid Energy Pro Powder is enriched with glucose, BCAA, L-Citrulline along with a multivitamin & minerals to keep you:

    • Hydrated for a Longer duration.
    • Reduces muscle Loss.
    • Improves overall performance
    • Improves immunity.
    • No caffeine formula.

    14 reviews for Rapid Energy Pro

    1. prashant.sh0995

      Very good product

    2. prashant.sh0995

      400 only best energy pro

    3. Sheshpal

      Good energy drink powder to restore your energy and flavor is also good.

    4. Nagesh Singh

      Best energy drink , thanks to starx for providing best energy boost

    5. Rohit Giri

      The best energy drink available in market which is rich in Vit C and electrolytes

    6. Sakshi Rajput

      good for workout time

    7. Vikash

      easy to dilute and giving satisfactory result

    8. Rinku


    9. Bilalsaifi


    10. neha

      value for money with bestest recovery results nice taste i think it is a substitute of fanta

    11. Rajiv Singh

      got energy after having it

    12. Uday Yadav

      Nice results after long time work

    13. Prashant Lather

      nice product

    14. Suraj Yadav

      good ressults

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