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    StarX Creatine Monohydrate is one of the amino acids formulated to increase exercise performance, enhance muscle strength for better lifting capabilities & delay onset fatigue during high-intensity workouts. Creatine Monohydrate supports increased athletic performance & enhances muscle function by helping in producing more ATPs required by muscle cells to maintain optimum performance.

    Ingredients in the formulation provide multiple health benefits
    o Fuels Muscles by producing more ATPs.
    o Improves Athletic Performance.
    oExtreme Energy.
    o Supports Lifting Capacity Enhancement
    o Delays Fatigue &Increases Endurance.
    o Improves Overall Physical Performance.

    For best results use one serving of Creatine Monohydrate pre/post during the workout in 200ml Water/ Juice.

    Directions For Use: Creatine should be used as a dietary supplement. You can mix one serving in water/protein as your pre-or-post workout solution.
    Product can be consumed once daily. Ensure to keep the body hydrated by consuming more water for better results.

    WARNING This product should be used as a supplement with food as a part of healthy & balanced diet, not as a substitute of the diet.
    Allergen Info: Manufactured in a facility which also processes milk, gluten, soy,.peanuts, celery & other such ingredients.

    Recommended Usage: For Adults, take one serving (3g) once a day before/ after workout in water or your favorite beverage or as suggested by healthcare professional. Not to exceed the stated recommended daily usage.
    Disclaimer: If you are taking any medication or planning any medical procedure, consult your doctor before use.
    Keep out of Reach of Children

    11 reviews for CREATINE

    1. prashant.sh0995

      Nice product

    2. prashant.sh0995

      Good product

    3. Ajay Kumar

      This is a very good product if taken at the proper time…I was able to lift more than 10 KGS weight in just 1 week …..can give it a try.

    4. Risabh Sharma

      Good product, I am using it with Power pro protein and getting good muscle bulk…..

    5. Nitish Singh

      It really works and you can observe the change in 2-3 days , one can experience that he can now workout more time than before

    6. Vipin Pilwan

      increases my strength

    7. Vishal Choudhary

      Awesome delivery … It’s a good product Value for money Quality is brilliant Thanks starx team

    8. Bhuppi Baghel

      seen the best results apart form other brands

    9. Vijay Adhana

      can lift more weight after consuming for 10 days

    10. Shourya Singh

      can see the results after one week only

    11. Yash Lather

      saath me water consumption badhani pdti h

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